SuperBoxaAerobic including BodyStick

What is BodyStick?

bsDon’t look for Bodystick elsewhere because it exists only in SuperGym. This kind of training is discovered by Gábor just like BoxaAerobic which is good for those who are determined but don’t know for where to work, which movement is worth to do to avoid to get injured.  During the class we can get to know ourselves. This can be felt the day after training especially.

During this kind of training there is no jump and coreography!

We talk about a calm and balanced class, the essence of it is that you use fatburning and musclebuilding exercises and we get to know how to keep our body well. We do the exercises with sticks, which is weighted : 1kg,1,5kg,3kg,6kg,and 10kg.

This class is for those who want ot build muscle,burn fat,and shape body and especially those who are not afraid doing fluent series of exercises. Don’t forget that this classtype cannot be find elsewhere.

trainer: Gábor