For those of you who like doing wild things we offer the BoxaAerobic which help you to cool down your power.

The movements of this class was done by Gábor using years of experience with special  attention to your joints. During this class we do special combinations of kicks using aerobic basic steps that can increase the ability of your concentration and you use your joints intensively too. These exercises help you to correct your sense of balance. Every monday betveen 17:30 – 19:00 in the SuperGym’s aerobic room (96 m2) Gábor is waitning you, that he helps to realize your goals. Don’t scare! If you dont have a power, just stop and you will continuing if will have.

The class makes everybody sweat hard and we can loose fat easily and it makes muscles work that you don’t use in your everyday life. The movements of this kind of training helps you to strenghten your low backmuscle and your hip area. Besides your legmuscle we pay attention to  create your beachmuscle too just like your triceps, chestmuscle, and your abdoman too.

In the last 20 minutes of the class we do bodyshaping exercises those of which are based on different martial arts just like judo ,fitness which was done by the trainer too. We should not mix this class with Kick box aerobic or Ironbox or Tae Bo. The movements are very similar to these but the basic steps are limited and the ’jumping’ part of the class is based on the well-known aerobic steps. We recommend to all ages both for males and females. If you find the beauty of BoxaAerobic once included especially the rhythm , you can fell in love with it quickly and you can enjoy and join to your mates enthusiastically. If you do i tat least 2 times a week for 1-1 and half month you can reach spectacular results. The mood of the class is done by Gábor who keeps it interesting and enjoyable especially with Michael Jackson.