Thai Box (muay thai)

The thai box proved its effeciency in many fights. Nowdays thaibox is the base of the drill of thai army as well just like CIA or the famous U.S. Seal team. Buta s national sport this is also a study of the schools of Thailand as well.

Do not afraid!!!!

On this training we dont bit each other because not only sportsmen but also lawers, students, teachers and businessmen practice thaibox. Its not necessary to wear special equipment but its good if you have, because we have gloves in an unlimited number (but still we have).

The training is not only about fighting we practice the basic kicks and hits to memorize them and let the new and sportment o join. During training we use various equipments just like point-gloves, kick-pillows boxing-bags and our warrior attitude. Everybody can come who feel that he/she is able to try out defend himself/herself in a street-attack.