Founder of the SuperGym

gboorI was born in a nice, beautiful day in Virginia state not far away from Beaverdam, in Budapest. My mother was pregnant with me before I was born. It wasn’t my parents fault, my mother is black, my father was waiting outside. Father likes technology, if I have a problem I turn to him immediately. Once I asked him, how I was made. He explained me that the whole story happenned in a chat room. Later they met in the toilet of a chatroom where he started uploading to my mom’s. It was late when they noticed that mom did not use protection so 9 month later the problem happenned. The virus downloaded. It was me…

I have a 9 pair of knickers collection, and my eyebrow is quite pretty too. Since I have been always doing some kind of sports,the distance between my nipples seem to be equal. My father has been a student for 20 years, because Mom said that when he finishes once, she will marry him. I can and I like singing. I have started it when I was 8 years old, it happenned int he bath. That was the moment when all of my 36 neighbours noticed me who did not send me to the Megastar. Nowdays I have 15 different CD and many of them are from different singers.

dubaiMy best friend Michael Jackson, ’cause he alway can to calm me with his music and dance. When I was a teenager I did nothing, but I gave it up because you can never be sure of when it ends…the love of sports appeared on me this time too, because when I was 20 years old I got an air-clearing machine and a … I put them both into a same room to fight with each other. I have never loved aggression but I quickly realized that it’s not healthy when it is against life. All in all I did not want to die. That was the time when I voted for… and I figured out the survival of the fittest. Sometimes they say that I am a stone-hearted person,I guess I inherited this from my grandmother. She buried 3 husbands, however 2 of these were just simply sleeping. After the years that I’ve been spending in prison I was applying to the University of Technology, where I could trespass to the office of the principal so I could get a diploma. Unfortunately I should leave the school because I hated the teaching, so I started a totally new life…however I paid a …for it.

I went to a fortuneteller who said that the lucky finger of the future will point me out once, but unfortunatelly it was the middle finger…

My favourite meal is the bean soup with cherry-poppy! This is made by turning 2 pages in the recipe book. Yeees, I like reading. I have been reading so much about smoking and alcohol that I decided to stop reading. Some day ago I read a book about levitation… It was sooo interesting that I could put down it. I don’t have a girlfriend but i am living with the chances. My parents really hope that sports won’t stay as my biggest love, because they want to have kids, instead of weights. But they say what they say, and I say the truth. I don’t need life insurance, because when I die I want too see that people are really sad.