CrossFit competition

Date of competition: 14th. November 2015, 11:00

Place of competition: SuperGym Sport and Fitness Center


You can pay the entry fee till the day of the competition, at the reception of SuperGym

If you have a valid SuperGym pass at the moment of the entry: 1.500. HUF / person

If you dont’t have pass: 2.000. HUF / person


1st place: 30days SuperGym Fitness pass, cup, medal, diploma

2nd place: cup, medal, diploma

3rd place: cup, medal, diploma

About the competition

We have compiled the event, that everyone can win, who like sports. It doesn’t matter if you are huge or skinny, slow or fast, young or elder. The competition contains 5 different events. The points you claim at each, will be added together at the end, this will be the final result. Who has the highest point is the winner.

Capture the flag

This event’s place will be the street workout bars. There will be randomly 5 SuperGym flags, which you have to capture, while your feet does not hit the ground. Competitors start the event at the start line, and they have to go back there when all of the flags have been captured. Each flag is 10 points, each mistake (your feet reaches the floor) is -1 (/foot). You have five minutes to accomplist the challenge. If you finish your turn before the deadline, each remaining 10 secons is an additional 1-1 point. You can get extra points, if you’re wearing the weighted vest, that’s an additional 2 points/kilogramm.

Beer barrel lifting

The competitors has to lift up as many weight as they can ovet their head (weighted, water filled beer barrels). The amount of the lifted barrels’ weight  : 20 will be the competitor’s point. You have 10 lifts. If you lifted a barrel, you can’t coose a lighter one for the next lift. It’s also count as an attempt if the barrel leaves the ground by only 1 cm. You will have 90 seconds for the 10 lifts.

proper lifting: Only those lifts will pass, where you start the lifting from the ground, and you have to lift overhead by at least 5 centimeters. There will be assistance during the lifting.

Beer barrel packing

At the slalom track, there will be 7 tires, with a distance of 1 meter between each. the barrels will be ont he start line, in weight order (men category =10 kgs, 20 kgs, 25 kgs, 30 kgs, 35 kgs, 40 kgs, 45 kgs; women category = 10 kgs, 10 kgs, 11, kgs, 11 kgs, 20 kgs, 20 kgs, 25 kgs). Each tire will be signed, which barrel you have to lay down. The rack will be also signed, where you have to put the barres at the end of the event in a standing position. First, the competitors has to lay the barrels on the tires, in the order of the weight ( you start with the lightest one and so on). When you finished, grab the lightest one again, and put on the rack’s signed place in a standing position. The method will be the same, you have to pack the barrels in weight order. You will have 2 minutes for this, each barrel, which is at their place properly, is 5 points.

tractor tire rolling

You have to roll the fat tractor tire as mush as you can. You’ll have one minute. The number of the rolls will be your point. You can help with your legs also.

car pulling and pushing

Stand at the designated point, and pull the SuperGym car with the rope from a distance about 20 meters. When the car is in front of you, push it back to the starting point. You have to do this round 5 times, and yo’ll have 3 minutes for this. The number of the remaining seconds will be your point.

We wish you a succesful and sportsmanlike competition!

SuperGym Sport and Fitness Center