Push-ups competition

date of the contest: 06.th november 2015. 17:00
place of the contest: SuperGym Sport and Fitness Center
You can pay the entry fee till the day of the competition, at the reception of SuperGym
If you have a valid SuperGym pass at the moment of the entry: 500. HUF / person
If you dont’t have pass: 2.000. HUF / person
1st place: 30 days Super Gym Fitness pass, cup, medal
2nd place: medal
3rd place: medal

About the competition
We’ve separated the men’s and women’s category

The order of the competitors will be drawn at 17:00. The target is to do proper push-ups, as many as you can.
The proper push-up:
The competitor starts his / her own round in a push-up position, were his / her arms are fully extended. Then we put a stick on the shoulder blades, this will be the upper ending point of the push up. The shoulder blades has to hit this stick during each push-up, this will guarantee that the arms will be extended in each repeat. You have to bend your arms, till your chest reaches a foam on the floor. The thickness of the foam is about 6cms. Doing a push-up with arms close to the body is forbidden. Your elbows should face to the sides. Each touch on the stick with the shoulder blades is a valid push-up, if you touch the foam also. Important thing: Dont stop after a bad repeat, the next rep still can be good. You can try only once. Because of the control, we’ll film the competitor from two different angles to avoid from disputes. if the competitor puts down one of his/her knees on the floor, the round for him/her is finished. Rest Phases: To make the contest more exciting, you can stop for 5 seconds 5 times, but the knees should stay in the air. If the competitor does not start the push-up(s) after the 5th second, the round is finished.

We wish you a succesful and sportmanlike competition!

SuperGym Sport and Fitness Center